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- Can be used to rate books, videos, music, images, websites....the sky's the limit!
- Fast mysql backend
- One template file controls the entire site/script layout
- Users can add html to their reviews, including images!

9/25/2008 - Version 5.5 Released! Added loads of features to the administrative side. When editing reviews, items, comments and categories a new, blazing fast AJAX interface allows the admin to sort each column as well as set filters. The listing has also been AJAX paginated. Try it out in the Admin Area (user - webmaster / pass - 4tugboat) or take a look at a screen shot.

8/4/2008 - Version 5.4 Released! Some enhancements to recommend.php and /search/index.php.

6/4/2008 - Version 5.3 Released! Added AJAX tabbed navigation to the index page. Similar to the navigational tabs used at

3/24/2008 - Version 5.2 Released! Several new features were added as well as a couple bug fixes.
- Top Rated Items shown on the front page now show a hoaver image if an image for that item exists.
- New Login/UserCP Block added. On the front page or anywhere on your review site a box will display the login form if the user is not logged in. If the user logs in, there is no page refresh due to the usage of AJAX technology. If the user is already logged in, their profile image is shown as well as links to Edit Profile, Edit Photo, Manage Notes, My Reviews, Logout and Change My Password.
- Changed the way the url's are displayed to make them even more search engine friendly .

3/3/2008 - Version 5.1 Released! I'm on a roll with new Five Star Review Script enhancements so here's the list of new features:
-Added links to bookmark or share a review in user accounts at delicious, digg, email, favorites, facebook, fark, furl, google, live, myweb, myspace, newsvine, reddit, slashdot, stumbleupon, technorati, twitter and more!
-New AJAX pagination system added to the review listings on index2.php. No page reloads when going to the next page of reviews. Lightning quick!
-Ability to create a child category in with mutliple parent categories. For example, in the following category tree, Restaurants is used in two different areas and each will have different restaurants listed (items).
     Texas: Houston: Restaurants
     Texas: Austin: Restaurants
-Multiple requests for this one - Ability to add UNLIMITED features to a review item. For example, you can create fields and assign a value to appear with them:
     Color: Blue
     Size: Large
     Price: $5.00
-Each review feature is searchable with the built in review search engine.
-Search engine friendly url's. For example, now becomes Not all of the script uses the mod_rewrite feature but the most important pages do.
-Javascript slider to show the unlimited features area.
-Added CSS hover display for item image
-Changed useful rating to allow a rating per review instead of per item.
-Cosmetic tweaks in layout and design

1/23/2008 - Version 5.0 Released! Lots of new features! My last update on this page was in 2004 but don't let that fool you. I've been consistently adding new features to the script between then and now. The latest changes and features added to this script are HUGE so I thought I'd update this page a bit.
-Google Base integration. Add all of your reviews to Google's new Review system. This could result in larges surges of traffic to your site. Details here.

-New front page layout and design using CSS.
-New template design laid out with CSS.
-AJAX Features!
Users login without a page refresh.
     -When users register, the username entered is instantly looked up to see if it is taken. If it is taken, the user is given a list of suggested usernames that are available.
     -CAPTCHA feature prevents spambots from attacking the registration form, email a friend, and "report this". New CAPTCHA image is generated without a page refresh.
     -NEW Comments System. Allows users to write a comment about another's review.
-Administratively Edit and Delete Comments
-Require Users to register before posting comments

-Code optimization.
-Nearly every file tweaked or enhanced
-Updated HTML editor used in admin area. Loads much quicker.
-Download file is nearly 1 MB smaller, even with all the added features!

8/13/2004 - New Features
-Added a Badword Filter. Prevents users from using profanity in their reviews.
-Admin feature allows administrator to select what words not to allow and what words they should be replaced with. Also the ability to edit and delete the badword list.
-The badword list can also contain html code. For example, you might want to change the color of font of the goodwords to let your readers know a word substitution took place.

8/10/2004 - Version 3.0 Released! Lots of new features!
-Option for users to recommend a specific product to their friends. They can click a link and enter the name and email of a friend and the script emails the recommendation.
-Admin feature allows you to view the name and email address of the sender and recipient along with the personalized message sent. This information can be exported to your spreadsheet program with the click of a button! Great if you want to add it to your contacts database!
-Now compatible with PHP version 5.0
-Optimized to work on servers running with register_globals set to on or off.
-Admin Area now shows how many User Submitted Items for Review need to be approved.

7/23/2004 - New Features
- Front page now displays how many reviews were made on the product
- User now has the ability to suggest an item for review
- Admin receives email when an item is suggested
- Admin is able to reject an item suggestion. There is also an area where you can optionally explain to the user why the suggestion was not implemented.
- When an item is approved or rejected the user suggesting the item is automatically notified via email.

7/07/2004 - New Features
- Admin panel allows you to set the display order of the categories
- Admin panel allows you to set the display order of the review items within the categories (could be used to sell the top listing position to the manufacturer/owner/dealer of the product being reviewed).
- Admin panel allows you to edit items for review.
- Disabled ability for users to insert dangerous javascript code into their reviews.

5/26/2004 - New Feature - Added function to check and see if user has already reviewed an item. If so it denies the second review. The config file will allow you to specify whether or not you want your users to have the ability to review an item multiple times.

4/15/2004 - Version 2.0 Released! Lots of new features!
- Option in the config file to require registration.
- Option in the config file to allow reviews to be posted without admin approval.
-Upon registration, user and administrator receive a welcome email with registration information.
-Multiple (4)Layout Options:
-Option in the Admin Area to add, delete and edit categories. Allows reviews to be displayed in Yahoo style categories.
-Optional integration with phpBB Bulletin Board. The same user database is used.

3/14/2004 - Added a review archive that will enable google and other search engines to index every review on your site! Here's an example of the "search engine friendly" archive -

3/6/2004 - The next version of this script will give the administrator the ability to specify whether or not users have to register before posting a review. The config file also has a setting to allow reviews to be posted without admin approval.

3/2/2004 - By demand, "display the number of stars that a product has on the demo page i.e. a list of all the products and it's current rating next to it".

2/27/2004 - When approving reviews, I added the display of the item name and type. This will allow the admin the ability to make sure the review is relevant to the item. If you ask for a review of a ski resort, and the review says "great beach" you'll know not to approve it.

Also added: When a user submits a review, the administrator will receive an email notification that contains the review as well as the user's IP address.

2/26/2004 - Changed the review_insert.php feature so that after reviewing your product, the user gets returned to the page where they viewed the review.

2/12/2004 - Enhanced the feature added on 11/27/2003.

1/29/2004 - Long overdue...added the ability to change the admin username and password from the administration menu.

11/27/2003 - New Feature added in version 1.4. There is now a new file that will enable you to insert one short line of code (include "review_insert.php";) into any php page and the reviews will appear exactly where you place the tag. Very convenient and customizable! Sample

11/16/2003 - Fixed a very minor bug. The review item name was not showing on a page in which there were no user reviews. A few simple lines of code took care of the problem.

9/2/2003 - New Feature added in version 1.3 and a bug fix that will affect certain servers. The admin area has a couple of enhanced features including the ability to edit review information.

3/16/2003 - New Feature added in version 1.2 - Users can sort the reviews with the following search criteria:

• Newest First
• Oldest First
• Highest Rating First
• Lowest Rating First
• Most Helpful First
• Least Helpful First
• 5-Star Reviews Only
• 4-Star Reviews Only
• 3-Star Reviews Only
• 2-Star Reviews Only
• 1-Star Reviews Only

3/15/2003 - New Feature added in version 1.1 - You can now specify how many reviews you want displayed per page! Will also display Previous and Next links as well as what page the user is on.

Very flexible! Have your review page auto-generated from the database or add links to your existing html pages.
For example, the link to my review page of this script is Each product or item will have it's own item_id number.

Admin Control Panel - From the Admin Control Panel you can:

• Approve a Review before it is listed
• Delete a Review
• Delete all Unapproved Reviews
• Add Item for Review

Demo the Five Star Review Script - Admin Control Panel

Requirements - PHP4, MYSQL

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